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Learning as We Go: Decomposing Dev Environments with Lando

Things have gotten better: most projects know that getting new developers up to speed is important. We keep notes on the hard stuff. But, typing long lists of mysterious commands, and keeping track of all the details, is still something many of us expect of new collaborators. We can do better. Lando is one tool that can help.

Lando is a way to bootstrap a usable development environment. It's built on Docker, and is like Docker-Compose, but much more transparent. It handles the boring details and helps you actually start developing: with code in your favorite IDE, and all the services you need in Docker. It's all about making the life of a developer easier. It won't give you an application container you can deploy. But you will develop a deeper understanding of how all the pieces fit together. And you'll have a tool which can deploy those pieces to dev/stage/prod if you wish.

The first part of this session will be an introduction to Lando. We'll set up a MySQL database and play with it. We'll build an Omeka-S webapp as a sandbox. We'll build a Django project and app, and then kick off a debugger.

We'll end with some live coding: the entire group will collaborate on a Lando-based development environment for a project of our choosing.

After completing this workshop, attendees should come away able to use Lando to build a new development environment for any coding project.

*It is not required, but if you are interested in following along with the code in the workshop, click the following link for information on how to prepare:


9AM - 12PM
Eastern Time