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Where to Start? Developing a Metadata Management Lifecycle

Metadata management–the process of establishing policies and processes to ensure metadata can be integrated, accessed, shared, linked, analyzed, and maintained–is essential for supporting our users, as well as our own institutional needs. With so many tools available to catalogers and metadata workers, it can be difficult to keep up, or even know where to start to accomplish a project. Other fields in librarianship, such as research data management, digital library development, and digital preservation have clear process models to guide new practitioners. Whether creating metadata for newly acquired material, or trying to adapt metadata created outside of a particular metadata standard for use in a different system, there is not always a clear-cut methodology for where or how to get started outside of metadata standards. In this presentation, the presenters will break down their model for engaging in metadata management, resolving metadata issues, and exploring options for metadata remediation/reconciliation.


1:35 PM
15 minutes