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Mapping Metadata: Cleaning and controlling fields to improve migrations

Repository migrations are challenging and one thing is clear: it’s never too early to start working on your metadata. In September 2020 work began on the IMLS-funded Fedora Migration Paths and Tools project, and Whitman College participated as one of two pilot partners. However, the Whitman team began work on their metadata mapping and remediation efforts almost a year in advance of this project. This proved to be a wise decision - the extra time allowed them to gather appropriate tools and resources, establish processes, and document everything to make this kind of work easier in the future. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the grant project before diving into the metadata mapping and remediation work pursued by the Whitman College team. We will discuss the processes that were followed, including how decisions were made, along with useful tools and resources and lessons learned. This will be of interest to anyone planning on mapping or remediating metadata as part of a repository migration project.


1:30 PM
15 minutes