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It’s all about perspective! Rethinking how we work with an API-first mindset

APIs have evolved from being viewed as just pieces of software to strategic tools that enable library innovation through an “API-first” mindset. In this session, a research university library and organization will explore the benefits of having an API-first mindset and recommend how attendees can use APIs to achieve library goals by making services more open and accessible, and improve productivity through automation.

This presentation will share details about cloud-based API infrastructure tools that enable innovation in an API-first way; and then outline different projects that used APIs to rethink workflows and discuss strategies to identify automation opportunities. The research library will examine how to use APIs as tools to solve problems, analyze data, and reduce manual labor. The organization will define what “API-first” means and will outline how cloud-based API technologies speed development, reduce redundancy, and scale innovation. Finally, APIs will be presented as tools that can help libraries reach users across different devices and applications outside of the library footprint.


1:10 PM
20 minutes